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What do these things have in common? The one thing that they all have in common is that #SM has been a key enabler. Technology, the very thing that many have warned would dehumanize us, instead has rehumanized us through the power of social media. By allowing peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and simple news, unfettered by the filters of censorship, political correctness, etc, it has allowed us individually to connect with others from different genders, cultures, nations, religions and races. It allows us to communicate with a diversity of people whose beliefs and nature are different from ours, but no less valid and whose differences remind us that we are really part of one race; the human race, and that all the other differences are skin deep. Perhaps, this was what John Lennon had in mind when he wrote Imagine.

Social media has allowed a revival of the original form of democracy, as practiced by the ancient Athenians. The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt are not the end, but merely a beginning. While all the changes that this rebirth of Athenian democracy will bring will not be as dramatic as these, they will ultimately reshape the world as we know it, not only in the “third world”, but also in Europe and North America.

People all over the world, follow each other without regard to race, religion, gender, nationality, or appearance.  When I look at my Twitter followers and those that I follow, I see a beautiful diversity that helps break down the artificial walls between us.  This is why I use a cartoon avatar.  My physical appearance is not who I am, any more than it is who you are.  We are all so much more than can be seen by our surface.  In many ways, our surfaces have kept us and our ancestors apart.  I choose to not let this superficial barrier get in the way of my connecting with others who have a spirit, intellect or passion that I admire and want to know better.  I don’t look at picture avatars, as they can get in the way of know who another really is.  Over time, social media allows us to see who a person really is, inside where it counts.  My cartoon avatar is my way of saying that I welcome World2.0 where superficial barriers no longer separate us.  In Egypt they say “Muslims, Christians we are all Egyptians”.  I say, “Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Black, White, Red, Yellow and Brown we are all humans”.

This rehumanization of the human race and breaking down of barriers between genders, nationalities, religions, cultures, tribes and races is the ultimate promise of social media, or at least that’s what I believe. What do you see as the promise of social media?